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This is a 70 rogue guide written by yours truly, Gone. This is my experience learning the strategies and gear setups for the bracket. There will be a tips/tricks/playstyle section added soon.

- 3.1 Gems
- 3.2 Enchants
- 3.3 Items

1. Talents

Subtlety is the only viable build for arenas, and is head and shoulders above mutilate/combat in BGs as well.
This is the generally accepted talent build. One point or so can be put into Nightstalker depending on your crit % (55%+ is a good point).

2. Glyphs

Glyph of Shadow Dance
Glyph of Hemorrhage - Not an obvious choice to some, but stacking with Sanguinary Vein it increases your damage done by 10% without having to rupture, stops rogues from restealthing, AND can give you combo points when it crits even while you're sitting in stealth.

Glyph of Blind - Simply irreplacable for arenas and even BGs sometimes. Negates the inconvenience factor of Glyph of Hemorrhage and prevents dots outside of your control from ruining your day.
Glyph of Garrote - Garrote becomes an even more amazing opener on almost all caster classes.

Minor glyphs are a crutch.

3. Gear

3.1 Gems:

As subtlety you will want to reach 5% hit rating and stack pure agility gems(or agil/resil depending on playstyle/comp.)

3.2 Enchants:

Head: Arcanum of the Gladiator -or- Arcanum of Ferocity
Shoulder: Greater Inscription of the Gladiator -or- Greater Inscription of Vengeance
Cloak: +22 agility
Chest: +20 resilience -or- +10 stats
Bracers: +50 attack power -or- +40 stam
MH weapon: Mongoose
OH weapon: Mongoose -or- Weapon Chain
(You need a weapon chain for arena when you are fighting other classes that can disarm you. Hands down.)
Gloves: +20 Agility
Belt: Belt Buckle
Pants: +55 AP/+15 crit -or- +45 sta/+15 agility (+15 agility is a surprising amount of AP/crit and the 45 stamina can be very useful with cheat death and recuperate)
Boots: +15 sta/run speed

3.3 Items:

There are many choices for a rogue, basically assemble full brutal and start working towards these items:
MH weapon: Crux of the Apocalypse
OH weapon: Mounting Vengeance -or- Blade of the Unrequited
Pants: Leggings of the Immortal Night
Cloak: Cloak of Unforgivable Sin
Ranged: Blade of Life's Inevitability
Gloves: Gloves of Immortal Dusk
Trinket: Blackened Naaru Sliver
Ring: Band of Ruinous Delight

Of course, this is not a BiS list, just some very powerful and easily obtainable items(aka raids, not insane rep grinding or grandfathered stuff.) You will also need to pick up 4/8 slayer's, which will consist of all of the offset pieces(belt/bracers/boots) and one regular piece, whichever fits the best with your current item setup.

4. Poisons:

If you're using a fast off-hand, use crippling poison off-hand and shiv when you REALLY need it, other-wise use it mainhand and always use it on your throwing weapon.

Depending on which weapon you are putting your crippling poison on, put either mind-numbing poison or wound poison on the other.

5. Macros:

There are very many macros a rogue can use. If you can invest the time to find them and use them then you don't need a 70 rogue guide so I will only include a few ideas:

Macro Premeditation to all of your openers!
Sap macro that saps your target if you have one and the closest person to you if you don't:

#show sap

/console targetnearestdistance 10.000000

/targetenemyplayer [noharm][dead]

/console targetnearestdistance 41.000000

/cast [@target, nodead] Sap; [harm,nodead] Sap


That is all for now, I might add a tips/tricks section if people like, but this will have to do until then. :)

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Posted 01:05am Sun 12/Aug

Why not add all the sets rogues can use?
4p brutal/4p pve
4p brutal/off-sets
full pve, etc etc?
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